Men Are Naturally Polyamorous…

Supposedly, men are naturally polyamorous, while women are naturally monogamous. Ok, I can kinda understand why.

Historically, men have been seen as domineering in contrast to women. Women are seen as loving and faithful. (This is because any woman that is sleeping with more than one man is seen as a slut, while a man who sleeps with multiple women is seen as normal.)

This double standard makes a man who sleeps with multiple women a god. Since men have a free pass to sleep around, why not have multiple romantic relationships?

While us ladies, we can’t do that unless we want to be seen as a bunch of whores. We need to find that one man that lights our fire, and allow that man to set ablaze any and everything he wants.

I, obviously, don’t prescribe to these ideas. Yeah, I’m pretty monogamous… but I’m not going to be in a one-sided relationship where my partner is sleeping with a bunch of other women while I’m trying to decide how best to keep him happy.

Not only is that unhealthy for the woman in the relationship, it’s a total ego boost for the dude.

Any relationship that goes that way will probably not last. At least, it won’t be a very healthy relationship that one would want to last.

Polyamory works for some people. I’m not judging it at all; I can kinda understand it in a way. You’re dating a guy that you connect with physically, but mentally… no one is home. You sleep with that guy, and spend time with another guy that might have all the emotional/intellectual qualities, but not the sexual ones. I can see that, totally.

I just think as young people, we’re so ready to settle that something like that can be seen as something one had to do to get a bunch of positive qualities out of people.

What if you wait? Wait until a person that has all those qualities enters your life…

I don’t know, I think the whole idea is based on how lucky the person believes they are. The chances the person gives themselves to find that person that checks off all the boxes.

I’ll say, I’d rather be celibate than be polyamorous. Straight up!


I hate this “I should’ve taken a shit before I got to school” feeling. Unfortunately, I’ll be feeling it all day.

I can’t shit in the school bathrooms… idk why, it’s just not comfortable enough for me to do so. I’m usually watching game highlights while I let go of my body’s waste… but at school, I can’t do that… I have to crap in complete silence which is weird for me to do.

Anyway, when I came in today, I already had an agenda (and this is stuff I could do), so I started. Then Max comes in looking like the Russian Bill Cosby, and puts my samples on the high vac and told me to take them off after 5 minutes and make NMR samples out of them.

So this is the moment of truth… Do I have 3-hydroxyl-trans-cyclooctene?

Well, this is what my spectra looked like:

It came out pretty clean, the both of them… but it looks like the top spot is not TCO. It’s more CCO.

Right now, he has me purifying using the biotage. It’s cool, except the column sizes are very important, and could cause separation to go badly if not prepared well.

I like to go with the less-is-more approach when running my columns. I don’t want to over do it with the silica gel, and leave no room for my compound, but then again, I don’t want to waste an entire column by not using enough silica gel

Suffice it to say, I didn’t use enough silica and had to equilibrate the shit all over.

Max finally decided to have me get formal training on the NMR. I emailed the dude; he hasn’t responded, but whatever. After an entire month, I’ll finally be trained, hopefully.

I spent my lunch break doing cartwheels in the chemistry lawn.

I love walking past this room in the physics building. Makes me feel better about life.

So Max walks in after lunch and says, “I have to go take care of my son, he’s having a headache at school. Everyone knows what you’re doing so ask them if you need help”

School? A fucking headache? Give the little bastard some aspirin!

Ok, so I guess a little booboo happened where I didn’t put the bump trap latch down on the rotovap, so the new grad student went to use it and it fell off and broke.

Now Aly is giving me an attitude saying, “I’ve been noticing that the latch has been left up all the time. Now we only have one rotovap”

First of all, I check everything before I’m about to put my precious compound that I worked three weeks to synthesize on a machine. I’m not just gonna run the machine without looking.

But of course, blame the undergrad. If anything ever goes wrong, it’s always my fault… if they can find a way to blame me for it.

So it’s an inconvenience, sure. Everyone’s waiting for my thing to finish evaporating.

This bitch puts my shit containing DCM on full pressure, rotating over 100 times per minute and guess what, there was nothing left! What a fucking cunt.

Well, hopefully Max will be working with me tomorrow. I’d be able to rotovap the other part before anyone comes in.

People need to realize

That I just don’t give a flying fuck.

The sooner they do, the less stress it will have on them and their feelings.

This roommate situation got increasingly worse when the old woman decided to move into a college style dorm house with chicks in their early 20’s to early 30’s.

Times are hard and the apartment is cheap, but it’s kinda like me moving into a dorm room if it was $400 a month.

I’d be looking to move out right away.

Anyway, no one has complained of my loud music until this elderly woman decided to park her ass in the former room of the nastiest roommate ever.

So I’m getting used to it. My volume will be on medium, not medium high.