Ugh, I’m already behind today. I guess I was supposed to evaporate all of the solvent until I was left with a solid. He didn’t tell me that, I just saw that no more solvent was evaporating and I took my stuff off the rotovap.

So now, I’m evaporating more shit. With increased vacuum pressure to get the shit out. Wonderful!

He didn’t seem too angry, but I am behind.

so he had me run NMR on the three samples we had… then he goes to a 2-3 hour meeting and leaves me to analyze the NMR. If it takes that long for me, I should probably quit chemistry. I’m not cut out for it, I’m wasting time.

While we were in NMR, Maksim decides to get super salty at the kid that was at the NMR before us. We were waiting and homeboy wanted to run 3 samples.

Max had no place to talk, we had three samples too, but instead he goes, “listen, you can’t be running all these samples, I have somewhere I have to be at 11. (It was 10:45 at this point).

The kid and Max start arguing back and forth and I’m just thinking “Kid, please shut the fuck up before homeboy loses his Russian mind.”

But things finally cooled off a little. Max then decides to use my phone to call Aly to come down and help me with the rest of it.

Then he texts me to tell me to analyze the shit… for 2 fucking hours. God.

One of the spectra looks clean, the other two are not at all. I think the second one came out worse. We’re supposed to have approximately 14 protons in our compound… I’m coming up with 150 or something with the second spectra.

So something obviously went wrong whether in purification or in photolysis itself.

so I will either have to re-purify sample two, or toss it out all together which is a little depressing.

There’s also a third sample which looks like it needs to also be repurified… but I have trans-cyclooctene! That’s the point of all this!