My Favorite Person of The Week Explains: Chemical Reactions.


I am happy that we can finally discuss “adult” reactions. Dees reactions are verrry complicated and they take a lot of time.

What do you know about Diels-Alder Faaahteemah?

Yes, that’s correct. But you can do the reaction wittt an electron poor diene and an electron reeach dienephile.

Cis-conformation eeess not important.

Our diene eeesss tetrazine, and it eeesss electron poor because of the nitrogen’s. The dieneophile eeesss trans-cyclooctane, wheech us chemists call TCO. *clasps hands*

So they react *shrugs* and dees eess what happens.

You take your nucleophile, and you reeact it with an alkene, and boom! Bang! You get your prodackt.

Now you understand everything, take dees paper, eees a gift to you.

Now, geeet the round bottom flask, or something like this… and complete the workup.

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