One of the girls in the lab asks me, “if you get a chance, can you make me 100g of silver nitrate”. And I’m about to lose it.

I don’t mind helping her, at all… but I don’t want to get silver nitrate anyway near me! Those black spots have eluded me this far, not trying to get any on me before my hot date on Saturday!

I got some DCM on my favorite leggings! I’m a little upset, but it’s for chemistry goddamn it! I’m willing to risk my shit for chemistry.

Every Friday, I run out of time… we’re gonna have to figure something out, or he’s paying me overtime… but he did say the surplus he had on money is actually not a surplus anymore…

So I doubt he’s gonna want to pay me overtime, especially when he could definitely do everything I do blindfolded.

Eh, whatever… it’s Friday!

I also made the Dean’s list… obviously. But they just put it on the website lol