Photolysis Has Been The Worst Part So Far.

I’ve already been here for an hour, all for naught. I haven’t done shit!

Max is typing up a novel or something. Not exactly sure, but I wanna do this damn photo chemistry!

Ok, finally, we got the party started. Seems like it’s going to be a slow day today. I will just be making AgNO3/silica gel… all day.

I might just re-up for the week since I will be doing this reaction the entire week. He said I might purify too. I guess we will see how busy he wants to make me.

Muhan just had a meltdown… her reaction is not working. It’s a new reaction so there will be trials and tribulations, but I’m guessing that it is completely not going the way she wants. She’s doing something with proteins. Not exactly sure what because she hasn’t presented her progress yet… but I think Max switched everyone’s projects up a little bit, so there’s growing pains.

She took a nap. She’s alright now.

No more action for me, I’m reduced to reading a fucking paper that we will discuss on Friday. 😑

Is this fucking idiot serious?

He’s tried to contact me through text as well. I just blocked him after the initial one so I don’t receive them. Really, I don’t even want to talk to him. He obviously knows that.

If I’ve wanted to associate with your retarded ass, you would have spoken to me these few years, idiot.

It’s funny, right after the scathing story I told of him, he comes out of the woodwork. But that message shows part of what I said is true. (All of it is… but that is proof)

How about fucking Donnie coming out of the woodwork? Why this douche baby? Hahaha