Mass, Acceleration, Variable.

So today, Max is being very nice. Maybe it’s because he saw me reading one of his papers to prepare for the next phase of this reaction.

The next part interests me a lot because it’s something I’ve never done or seen before. It’s a technique in photochemistry called photolysis.

So he had me purify the smaller reaction using biotage. Basically, biotage is an easier way to purify than using the column (and uses less solvent), but you can only purify smaller amounts of shit using biotage.

So I did that, then I got to NMR my bigger reaction.

My NMR spectrum came out like this:

So it’s a clean NMR, now we will start doing photolysis… finally.

So to do this, we’re going to “impregnate” silica gel with silver nitrate. Max prefaced this by saying that silver nitrate gets everywhere and it will inevitably get on me. He said that it puts black spots on you that go away after two weeks. He said, “even though your skin is darker than mine, you will still be able to see it”

Great… “hey physics…oh no no no, this is not herpes…it’s silver nitrate, don’t worry… let me sit on your face.” Lmfao. That will go over great.

Well, good thing he did everything for me today, and I only had to watch.

I also fucked up and had my leftover batch rotovapping at too high of a pressure for the solvent I was using, DCM.

Lol… my Orgo two teacher, Jia, walks in because he and Max are going to play tennis, and he goes, “oh Max, you’re going to teach Fatima again? She got a solid A in my class! She’s a good student”

And Max goes, “yeah, well, this woman can’t remember anything from my class!”

Then jia goes, “well, do you remember stuff from my class still?” And I go, “yes, of course!” And he’s all like, “Yesss!!”

First of all Maksim, I don’t remember the individual NMR thingies… that’s not everything. I remember the important stuff, like Subsitution, elimination, reactions in general!!

Lol homebody tried to call me out!

anyway, tomorrow, finally I will get to do this. I’m so excited. I might in early tomorrow. Eh, we’ll see actually. I’ve been not wanting to wake up in the morning lately.

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