I’m Speaking in Chemistry.

I woke up a little late, around 7:30 am, so I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it in before Max did.

It’s better if I come in before him so he won’t have time to go bullshit and he would have to help me first. Well, he’s bullshittjng somewhere. I’m not sure where or what he is doing, but he’s not in the lab.

So great, I’m just waiting. My ass looks huge today. I think it was that carribean food I ate this weekend. Can’t say it’s an adverse reaction…

So, he just showed me how to conduct NMR tests. Can we finally create my column now?!

Ok, finally, we’re making the column… right before fucking lunch time of course. Lmao. I’m not gonna eat anyway, but it would be nice to be able to go to lunch at 12. Whatever… no complaints.

So, he had me make a 5% hexane/ether solution. Boom. Did it. Put it in the column and collected the fractions. There was a compound eluting from the column… obviously a non-polar compound. Now we upped the polarity of the solution. So I made it 70/30 hexane to ether. For the past hour, have no had anything elute out. So I’ll be using 100% ether to get that shit out…

Ok, maybe I should explain this because you’re not all chemistry majors….

The compound I am trying to purify by column is cyclooctenol. This compound is polar because it has a hydroxyl group. So we “impregnated” silica hell with my compound then made a silica gel slushy with hexane… which is a non-polar solvent and created the column with those two things. So we change the polarity of the solvent so we can get the non-polar shit out first, then we can collect our polar compound.

Nigga told me that it would take about 2-3 hours to completely elute everything. Ahhhh and he got me using these really tiny test tubes.

So with the ether (ether is kinda polar, not as polar as water though, but it’s good to use) I am expecting my compound to come out faster.

Eh, we will see.

He got a haircut today and wasn’t wearing pajamas. I was told that Russian people get dressed up to go to the supermarket, but maybe that’s just the women cause he dresses down at any opportunity he can. Lmao.

Goddamn, today was never ending.i spotted upwards of 60 fractions on TLC. (Thin Layer Chromatography)

Maybe I should also explain what TLC is… so TLC helps us separate components of a reaction mixture by polarity. So we spot a small sample on a silica gel plate (which is polar) then we place the plate into a development tank Containing a non-polar solvent (in this case) the solvent moves up the plate by capillary action.

Since like dissolves like, the polar components should stick to the silica gel, while the non-polar components follow the solvent.

Our polar components will not move up the plate, while the non-polar component will move up the plate basically is what I’m trying to explain.

For this reaction, I didn’t wanna see shit below a certain point on the plate. I got what I wanted, I combined the fractions then I rotovapped it (evaporated the solvent)

He was looking at me and smiling about something. Nothing we were talking about was funny, lol I just asked him to help me set up the rotovap (which he didn’t have to because I was able to do everything.) but I noticed he will smile like this out of nowhere (he’s probably thinking about something funny)

It is 5 and I am just leaving work now. I will probably have to take an hour lunch on Thursday and Friday to make up for the two extra hours I spent here.

I just wanted you guys to know that I am a chemist. Like a real chemist… not some idiot that took Organic chemistry two lab and thinks they know everything. I’m actually learning new and interesting techniques that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

I’m exhausted though. This mofo kicked my black ass today.

This mug was his peace offering I suppose. Lol why this one though? So funny.