So the grad student who essentially trained me hadn’t been at work since I started.

I thought maybe she was sick or something, but then she comes in, looking super drained, like she’d been crying or something. Her eyes were puffy.

(Personally, I hate crying… obviously. The main reason is because my eyes get completely swollen and look crazy, but enough about me)

I talked to her and I said “Sorry I stole your hood (idk why Max put me in her hood, probably because he wanted to watch me closely since that hood is right next to his station) and she said “oh it’s ok”

Then later, I saw her at her desk. She didn’t enter the lab at all… she looked really upset. I said, “you don’t look very happy” and she said, “I have a lot going on right now”.

She came up on my people you may know section of Facebook, so I looked at her Facebook once before, but when I just checked, it appears her and her boyfriend broke up.

They were living together and approaching their one year anniversary, I believe…

First of all, living together before you’ve been in a relationship for one year is pretty dumb. That’s too quick. It would take me about a year to even realize if I was in love, let alone ready to live with someone.

She’s in her mid-20’s I believe. You still really don’t know what you want at that age… people rush things and that is how everything gets completely fucked up.

There are steps that have to occur. Things that take time to foster… it’s not a race… it’s a journey.