Tell Me You’re That Somebody…

I’m really glad we were able to talk like adults.

I really hope we don’t argue like that going forward. I’m thinking the next big argument is the end. I just want him to be happy. I want to make him happy.

Nothing I’ve ever said to him has been something that I’ve said on purpose to hurt him.

I want him to know that I really like & care about him… and I wouldn’t knowingly hurt him.

I really hope we don’t have this issue again. I really don’t want to fight with him. I want him to be honest with his feelings.

If I let this go, I won’t tell nobody, I’m talking ’bout nobody… Hope you’re responsible, boy I better watch my back ’cause I’m not just anybody. Is it my go, or is it your go?…sometimes I’m goody goody, right now I’m naughty naughty… say yes or say no… ’cause I really need somebody, tell me you’re that somebody.

P.S. I really wanted to do unmentionable things to him today when I saw him..:

Today but it was like “NO!!! You can’t!!”

I kept my distance.

Next week, I will jump his bones. This week I needed

For him to like me


So a friend of mine, let’s call him Travis, he texted me a little while ago asking if my house had any room for another dude, and I said that I didn’t think so but I would ask my landlord.

I didn’t ask, lol I really didn’t want him living in my house. So him and I dated for a very short while. But it was obvious that we should just be friends so we remained friends.

I met him at Dutchess and he was apart of the CSTEP program, as was I. I didn’t know he was going to Albany until I transferred so we linked up. Whatever.

Back to the story, so he asked about my house, I didn’t get back to him. I saw him yesterday at the supermarket, and he informs me that he will be moving to the house next door.

Then an hour ago, he texts me again and says, I just looked at my lease and it says 138, but the building number is 140. I might be moving upstairs to you, I can’t remember what building I visited.

This kid has been to my house a number of times… how the fuck did he not realize that he would be living in my house? That shit makes no sense at all

He says that he got a job at Albany med, and that’s why he’s moving. Albany med isn’t even close to my house, so I’m not sure why he’s so gung-ho about my house…,

But something is very weird…

UPDATE: he just texted me saying that he’s sorry that this “coincidence” happened, he just wanted a cheap apartment but he’ll be working 12 hour days so we wouldn’t come in contact.

Such a fucking weirdo. I wouldn’t see him anyway unless he was in the laundry room… it’s just weird that he really wanted to live here.

What In The Fuck?

Is he leaving me Russian love letters? A girl can dream, right? He looks me in the eye a lot more now. I guess that’s a good sign.

He is however pissing me off today… he played tennis during his lunch hour, and he took 2 hours to do this… then he made me conduct TLC on his reaction… there were about 40 fractions that I had to spot. It’s a painstaking process.

Last, right when we were going to get my column set up so I can purify my compound, he leaves to go get his son. He said it would be 15 minutes, but it’s 45 minutes later and he’s still not back.

I HAVE to leave at 3:35 today. There’s no if ands or butts about it… it is now 3:00. I don’t even think I’ll be able to stay for group meeting. 😑

I might have to text him if he’s not back in 15 minutes. Hopefully he’s ok… I’m kinda worried.

Ok, he was fine.. he came back 5 minutes before I was supposed to leave wearing a different outfit. That was his third outfit change today. Lmao. He’s very sexy.