I Don’t Want To Be Overtly Mean…

But please, shut the fuck up.

There’s people that won’t ever leave you alone even though you really make them know that you want to be left alone.

This person is in Colorado, we went to school together for like 2 years or something… maybe 3. I can’t remember this person in high school, just as an acquaintance of one of my ex’s.

Fucking snake waited ’til me and my ex broke up and kept trying to hang out with me. I said “nah, fuck white guys” (this was sometime in 2012 I think) and he was all like oh, I understand. Even when I was in Africa, home boy was texting me…. like everyday. Not that I could answer cause data rates apply, ho! But I read the messages when I was coming back through England.

After every goddamn semester, he will ask how everything is, what I am doing, where I am working… WHO I AM DATING…

since I’ve been known to be perpetually single. I don’t broadcast if I’m seeing someone, especially all over Facebook unless I felt it was safe enough to do so. So most of the time, everyone just assumes I’m single. (“I only say I love her when I want to fuck her”)

Some people shoot their shot. Get let down gently if I am unable to agree to their flirting, and that’s it.

But Mr. legal weed over here does not stop. Maybe I should just be happy that someone is thinking enough about me to want to know I’m doing good, but I really want to erase that part of my life.

Before 2015, I want to ignore. So 2016 and later. These are the people I want to remember. People I want to be in their life and them in mine, whatever.

As Mike Jack said “LEAVE ME ALOOONNNNEEE!!!”

Max’s Lab Notes.

His lab notebook is really like a journal to him. Lmfao. I love it.

I really enjoy this job so far. Now that I’m seen as an “adult chemist doing adult reactions”, I feel more important to the project.

Next semester, I will also be working in the lab, but for credit. It will reinforce the shit I will learn this summer.

I just wish he would fucking get here so I can do some damn work!

P.S. he just came in and is wearing this ridiculous beanie. Lmao. I wish I could take a picture of this. Also, cyclooctane smells like ass.