Jail letter from Jeremy that I found.

I pasted all my jail letters with Jeremy in my journal. I’ve kept this journal from 2014- today (I ran out of sheets)

Looking back at everything, this is very funny and makes me laugh.


This was written by one of my managers… he put $200 in the card. He was either in his late 50’s or early 60’s. White man, divorced from a black woman. It was a fetish.

I brought two tickets to see Sufjan with this guy… I’m almost certain this guy was undercover gay, but not completely sure.

Don’t I look 18 in this picture? I was 27! This was the summer before I started my first semester. I scored low on the placement tests so I took a summer class to have a chance to get out of the remedial courses. I got out of the remedial English, but I had to take one remedial math to be able to take calculus. I was in the lowest remedial math before then. I would’ve had to take 3 remedial courses before I was able to take precalculus!

In the picture to the left: the professor that tried to take me on a date. Gross.

I’ve Talked A Lot of Shit.

I’ve talked a lot of “shit” about people. Friends, enemies, everyone.

I see this as bad, but then again, if I didn’t talk this “shit”, I would’ve probably told them to their face. And I really don’t find that as a good option.

Sometimes in my honesty, I can realize when how I feel and how I think might hurt a niggas feelings. I understand that. So, instead of telling someone they’re a dumb piece of shit to their face, I tuck it away and talk about how dumb they are to someone else.

Usually I change my mind on my initial feelings, but then other times it’s like… yeah bro, that shit was correct.

This is probably not a good quality of mine, but I can justify almost anything (at least for a little bit).


Does Max have to look so hot today? Lmao. But his accent is fucking hilarious, I have to walk out of the lab when he starts talking.

“Another paaarson from Uta” I’m dead.