I’m Walking Down The Street…

I hear hollering off a porch, out of a car, off a dump truck, someone walking past.

I would love to walk somewhere without someone hitting on me, or trying to.

It’s very disrespectful to me to be treated like a piece of meat, as if that’s the only thing I have to offer someone.

So pathetic.

If you go through your day trying to get pussy like that, you will be lonely forever.

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Still I like dancing outside the fringes

Of societal pressure, who’s better than who?

Tap dance around that nomenclature.

We’re spooked to know we’re normal human beings

doing normal human shit.

Shit millennials find fantastic.

So let’s continue skirting around the dynamic

As long as you wish, you’re the king of men.

I know, you know, no one needs to pry a judging finger

Whatever you desire,

what they don’t know is the acquaintance, if you will.

So this fire is just a flash of flame.

To put it out, no need to stop drop roll.

To put it out, Follow what you know.