Give up.

Either he really cares about me and my future, or he thinks that he will ever have another chance at me.

I made myself pretty clear the last time we spoke… but in the past, I’ve been very weak and I allowed people to treat me any which way they wanted, yet I stuck around and was loyal.

Maybe he sees that sign of weakness in me. He did use a lot of this weakness… or just straight naivety against me in the past.

This particular situation was something that reduced me to always believing I will never be number 1 to someone and really bro, you want to congratulate me on my A grade semester… get the fuck out!

What do you care what the fuck I’m doing? How the fuck I’m doing? I think that you don’t see me as a smart adult but rather someone who would fall for anything.

This man is one of those people that is honest but omits a lot of shit. Anything that could fuck shit up for him, he will omit. He has two whole children now… 2010-2015 were horrible years for me. The common denominator, this guy.

Ok, so I know he’s trying to be nice, and honestly, I never harbored any ill will towards him. I still don’t. I just got my heart broken, battered, played with, used, etc. by this man so sorry I feel like being a bitch behind his back.

He knows where I’m at now. I go to school with his fucking brother for crying out loud. I really hope that he’s just always going to regret what he did to me.

Any comparison would be futile so I’m not even gonna do that here. Basically if this person was in a wrestling match with someone who may garner a comparison to him, the garnered comparison wins with a leg lace and 3 turns, 10-0 after 0.03 seconds.

So all I have to say in conclusion is….

Fuck that nigga!