B+ bitch just like I thought.

now I can’t say give me that B+ cause he gave it.

He did the right thing.

But I knew I deserved that B+!

In all actuality, I am very happy about this. It’s like fuck, I can probably do physics too if I focused on it. (Just kidding, staying the fuck out the business) but I could do it…

I usually sad about a B+ but bro, this is my proudest B+ that I have ever gotten. (I’ve gotten 2, one last semester) .

This is the lowest letter grade I have gotten in my undergrad career (it’s been 3 years)

This B+ allows me to s/u some art or Arabic class and focus on my shit… chemistry.

I got a 40/45 on my Orgo II final. It was really out of 50. I told you; I dropped a few questions just because. I needed a 27 to get an A.

This B+ tho… that’s a good grade for this class. I am elated!

helps that I live with 3 physicists and I’m dating one. 4 physicists… the name of my new hit. Like 2 princes…

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