What GPA will I end up getting?

If I get that fucking B+, my GPA is sitting constant. Just a slight drop… but this will help my Overall GPA stay in the 3.9’s. I this GPA will show me that, I really can do this shit if I work as hard as I can. It’s like yeah bitch, I got a good grade in a really hard class.

This GPA is kinda sad to me. Ok, it’s a fine GPA, sure… but it = an A-. I would want that for harder courses. Not these entry level/ intermediate type courses. But it’s a respectable grade. And the B in physics is also a respectable grade. All my other chemist friends have gotten C’s in electromag… just, idk I feel like I was better than that.

This grade is probably the grade I actually deserve. It makes my almost perfect run this semester look like I hit a small little roadblock. B- is also a respectable grade in this course, but god…. it makes my GPA really ugly.

All A’s, one A- then… THAT! Ugh. Horrible.

In 24 fucking hours… I will find out what that letter grade is.

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