If all the distractions caused

can’t stop complaints of

the negative variety,

your work and you.

As if it has nothing to do with me at all;

I shoulder no blame,

even though I set fire to the flame.

Free will is so amazing.

Somethings lack that, somethings have that.

But what do you do?

When respected, and of above average intelligence…

Unpredictable, somewhat… in some sense.

This just fits some irregular jigsaw,

scientific problem solving skill problem.

Is it safe yet?

What is expected is whatever happens.

The hypothesis is clear, really.

Follow what you want.


B+ bitch just like I thought.

now I can’t say give me that B+ cause he gave it.

He did the right thing.

But I knew I deserved that B+!

In all actuality, I am very happy about this. It’s like fuck, I can probably do physics too if I focused on it. (Just kidding, staying the fuck out the business) but I could do it…

I usually sad about a B+ but bro, this is my proudest B+ that I have ever gotten. (I’ve gotten 2, one last semester) .

This is the lowest letter grade I have gotten in my undergrad career (it’s been 3 years)

This B+ allows me to s/u some art or Arabic class and focus on my shit… chemistry.

I got a 40/45 on my Orgo II final. It was really out of 50. I told you; I dropped a few questions just because. I needed a 27 to get an A.

This B+ tho… that’s a good grade for this class. I am elated!

helps that I live with 3 physicists and I’m dating one. 4 physicists… the name of my new hit. Like 2 princes…

What GPA will I end up getting?

If I get that fucking B+, my GPA is sitting constant. Just a slight drop… but this will help my Overall GPA stay in the 3.9’s. I this GPA will show me that, I really can do this shit if I work as hard as I can. It’s like yeah bitch, I got a good grade in a really hard class.

This GPA is kinda sad to me. Ok, it’s a fine GPA, sure… but it = an A-. I would want that for harder courses. Not these entry level/ intermediate type courses. But it’s a respectable grade. And the B in physics is also a respectable grade. All my other chemist friends have gotten C’s in electromag… just, idk I feel like I was better than that.

This grade is probably the grade I actually deserve. It makes my almost perfect run this semester look like I hit a small little roadblock. B- is also a respectable grade in this course, but god…. it makes my GPA really ugly.

All A’s, one A- then… THAT! Ugh. Horrible.

In 24 fucking hours… I will find out what that letter grade is.