There is a huge double standard when it comes to male same-sexuality, and female same-sexuality….

Imagine if the story I’m about to tell you about was about two dudes…

I had my first and last lesbian experience at the age of 22. I was young, and I was somewhat physically attracted to this girl, Rochelle. She was super hot but she was kinda the dude. Even though she was really pretty with really long hair and a really nice body that is hidden under baggy clothes.

She did something to me. I was just to sit there and enjoy, except I didn’t. I knew something was wrong right away…

I couldn’t even pretend, it just wasn’t something I wanted to do. I’d make out with her, sure. Suck on her tits and shit… but she didn’t have a five o’clock shadow.

Couldn’t do it.

Now, there had been someone who had told me a story like this, except he was not me in the sex part of the story, he was the Rochelle.

Of course I looked at him pretty different, but was that fair? Probably not… but I can’t say I would feel comfortable dating someone who is not saying they are somewhat interested in men but would suck another man’s dick… under the influence of alcohol or not, that just seems like someone who really doesn’t know what they want.

I probably won’t ever be that physically attracted to a woman again, but it happened so I can at least say I’m at least 2% same sex oriented. It’s a spectrum, I’m just 98% more into dudes.