Ok so,

I have a problem with something actually.

Ok, you’re a student that’s obviously going to get an A in a class…. take the damn final without studying. That’s what I did… I’m thinking if I got less than 50% on that test, I shouldn’t be a chemist, but if I don’t do perfect, I’m not killing the fucking curve.

There were a few questions I dropped on purpose because i really didn’t know the answer and I wasn’t there to get a perfect score. I made an “educated” guess if you will.

I know that goddamn Indian kid in the first row of physics got some sort of high score on that exam. Bastard.

It’s also harder to just guess in physics, it’s not multiple choice…

They should really split the physics majors from the non-physics majors (that will never happen) but all other science majors than your physics majors can rock with Alexander or whatever the very handsome, but mysterious honors college physics dude’s name is.

Anyway, I’m naked listening to rancid. Wtf do I know. I’m already trying to forget everything… but I will never forget Ampere’s Faraday’s law, that shit was so earth shattering.

I just won’t be chill until I get that B+ so you’re going to hear about it for another 48 hours or so. Since Jesse will not say shit. So aggravating.

I hope I’m not stuck in Montgomery for days. I may not make it alive. But um yeah, let me start packing. I will definitely bring the weed… I’m not crazy.