Besides me just sleeping all day…

My body is like going back to non-anxious Fatima.

So last night we were hanging out, and I just passed out completely while we were watching John Wick. I worked some tongue gymnastics prior to getting tired though so, that could’ve helped.

Well yesterday was also the first Friday I didn’t have to do shit. So, I didn’t. And then I fell asleep right on top of him. He didn’t complain though. He knew I wanted to cuddle, and that’s all I planned to do.

I like weed, ok. It’s great because it makes me hungry and I can eat the world, but then I get tired as shit. I ate like 5 sandwiches before I got to his house. That’s a lot of sandwiches for me. I don’t ever eat a lot. But yeah, weed rocks. I’ll eat my ass off…. Well…. my ass will probably grow bigger if anything.

Well anyway… he’s cute. We really didn’t talk, it was awkward but I wanted him to know that little craziness isn’t how I wanted things to be. I just don’t want to fight with him. It’s stupid, there isn’t a need to. It was kinda hard for me to put myself in his shoes, really, and ignore what I would do. And I was able to do it, and I understand… completely.

The semester is finally over. I’m a student, and so is he. But that’s it… except we’re dating. We met while he was at work. Oh well. That’s a story you tell your parents, you know.

So everything is normal. Now. Except for the people that do know me. Lol I’m pretty out spoken at school. My teachers know me, I go to everyone’s office. No matter what. the assistants are gonna know me. I’ve had one two semesters in a row, so it’s like ugh. But whatever.

I’m a student how. Just a diabetic thirty year old chemistry undergrad. Nothing exciting, just two nerds hooking up. Lol

Well, I hope it’s more normal now. I won’t have to ask him any more school questions. Well, I’m taking a bio-chemistry based physics course. (If I get that MOTHER FUCKING B+!!!) so he may be able to help. But this summer, I plan to get to know him better.

Just basic summer cuff time. Or whatever these kids call it… Dating in the summer time? In Albany. Summer better be good here. I will be here 75% of the time so I need to have fun this summer.

We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully I won’t make him dump me.