Give me that B+

Bro thought it was so cool to put hard questions on us.

68/100, nigga, gimme dat B+!

I studied this topic more than my entire major.

I think I did enough, to deserve that B+.

I went to dudes office, I even answered questions in class.

Honestly, I worked my ass off to GET THAT B+!

We were chillin’ on the second floor

Finding electric fields til our asses fell off

Crazy cross products and r vectors.

I knew enough to simplify my vectors…

Gimme dat B+ bro! I deserve that B+!

Nigga we went to your office hour,

You taught me right hand rule.

I might Have had my directions all over the place

But I deserve that B+!!!

The entire class bombed, look at my grade,

I did good on the first exam and I got close to 70 percent of the test right, 77% raw…


You grade things weird, so how should I know?

Curve that final, you better curve that final bro!!

I’m a good student, so I should know….


So Gimme dat B+, nigga! Gimme dat B+!

(My GPA would look 1,000 x better if I got that B+. It’s the difference between a 3.72 and a 3.58 huge. Right, so next semester I can take elementary Arabic and not give a fuck about it. I need this goddamn B+!

I want to be able to have a high science gpa, I WANT THAT B+!!! I got an A or A- in every other class… I think. )