Tumor On The Brain. Humor In Your Lack of Brain.

The stupidity of this kid in my physics class is becoming laughable. I almost think that maybe he has a brain tumor or something.

He told me that he has two other degrees… I find that very hard to believe. This guy is just so lost.

First of all, he doesn’t know Pythagorean’s theorem, or any trigonometry. He didn’t know that Cosine = x and sin = y. Lmfao… this entire semester…you’re meaning to tell me… that… you didn’t… just… I don’t even know. My brain tumor theory is starting to have some leverage.

His math is just horrible. I’m surprised he got through the first part of this sequence.

We gave him a question like this…

He was able to answer the top question, but the bottom… he was totally lost…

so I did this…

And he froze. It made him even more confused. Like if you can answer the top question, YOU CAN ANSWER THE BOTTOM QUESTION.

His stupidity is so frustrating. I can’t even explain something to him because I want to start having a huge attitude and tell him to just drop out of school.

He looks at the easiest math problem and just mulls over it like it’s a partial differential equation or something.

We gave him this… and this was his answer.

The correct answer…

Then he invited this teenaged girl from our tutoring group to the study session. I don’t think that was smart unless he really wanted to prove that he is not very good at math, physics or common sense.

Every time he tried to say something smart, “when you add capacitors in series, you do 1/ the capacitance.” Some of the most obvious shit, and he was looking at the solution.

It’s like bro, “I’m obviously working the question so I know that… I was just asking if these capacitors are in series.” He looks at the solution then answers when I’m already adding them in series. Lmao.

The jailbait he was trying to bag left quietly. Didn’t say much, didn’t even do a problem on the board… neither did he. He watched me do problems then looked at the solutions and wrote step by step what I was doing and why.

He probably should’ve dropped the course. I’m not sure why he hasn’t… he’s only taking 8 credits or something.

It seems like he hasn’t taken a math class since elementary school. I really think the school needs to make sure that students have the proper prerequisites before they are allowed to take a course.

In fact, this physics class would probably be less demanding if calculus III was a prerequisite. Of course, my school likes to make everything more difficult.

The final is on Thursday. I am very nervous. There are things I just don’t know how to do. I have tomorrow to figure those things out.

I got one definite A in Organic chemistry lab, though I didn’t do so hot on the final. I did alright. I got 9 questions out of 50 (41/50 = 82>) wrong. But you know me, I like to be perfect, or close to perfect. A 1133 out of a possible 1200 points is good though.

I cannot wait until finals week is over. I would like to continue watching preacher and have a possible beer with this cute guy, and not have a worry in the world until the 21st.