Time for a TMI post, I haven’t done one of these in a while…

So I am weird in the fact that I find quickies absolutely sexy. Like they turn me on a lot.

People are selfish in the way they get angry that sex ends quickly, but this turns me on so much and this is why: if my body turns you on so much that you cannot help but finish, obviously you find me very sexy and appealing and I am satisfying you.

I’m a giver; I’m always looking to have my partner be completely satisfied before I am. I am more satisfied when my partner is completely satisfied. That is what essentially turns me on.

If you’re going for an hour straight, you probably think the poon is wack. If it were good, it wouldn’t take much to do that… get what I’m saying?

So in this, I am saying, I would rather have 8-10 minutes of really hot and really sexy sex, then 30-45 minutes of boring sex. 😝

I am a simple girl who is turned on by simple things.

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