Time for a TMI post, I haven’t done one of these in a while…

So I am weird in the fact that I find quickies absolutely sexy. Like they turn me on a lot.

People are selfish in the way they get angry that sex ends quickly, but this turns me on so much and this is why: if my body turns you on so much that you cannot help but finish, obviously you find me very sexy and appealing and I am satisfying you.

I’m a giver; I’m always looking to have my partner be completely satisfied before I am. I am more satisfied when my partner is completely satisfied. That is what essentially turns me on.

If you’re going for an hour straight, you probably think the poon is wack. If it were good, it wouldn’t take much to do that… get what I’m saying?

So in this, I am saying, I would rather have 8-10 minutes of really hot and really sexy sex, then 30-45 minutes of boring sex. 😝

I am a simple girl who is turned on by simple things.


We had a lot of fun today. It was Tulip Fest in Albany, some white people shit, you know. So, we did that. These were probably the most beautiful ones I saw.

Next, we ate some middle eastern food which was amazing… then we met up with one of his friends and chatted for a little bit.

Unfortunately, I had to start studying for finals, so we left his friend and went to campus. I surprisingly got to chapter 4 I believe before we called it quits. The first problem he helped me with took so long. I was getting hella confused about it. He has a way of explaining these concepts to me that help me understand the material on a deeper level. He’s very talented in that respect, amongst others.

No, we haven’t talked yet… but we talked about talking. We just need to find an understanding. It seems like we’re back to normal, but I just don’t want there to be any questions.

But as usual, everything seems to be going great again. I really enjoy his company… and he is a 10/10 ting as a special added bonus.

Back to studying… 😝

Everything In It’s Right Place?

So we are working things out. He didn’t dump me. I’m really surprised, I was really expecting that. Still, we need to talk about it. We hung out for a little yesterday, but it wasn’t a good time for a talk about this. I’m guessing when we do talking it wouldn’t be out in the public.

I slept horribly last night. In fact, when I did fall asleep, I had some really vivid fucked up dreams. At least two of my exes made an appearance in these dreams, and both of them were on drugs! Well one of definitely on frugs, the other was not on drugs but he looked like he was withdrawing off drugs.

Ok, first dream, my most recent ex and I were at this party and he said to me, “since you’re dating again, watch this, then after my phone screen gets broken by some old people at the party, my ex comes out naked as the day he was born, high on LSD, and he was grinding on some girl. Lmfao. During this, he’s asking me about the person I’m seeing now, and was trying to find bad things but I wouldn’t say anything bad He then gets his friends (which were the popular girls in high school, these were not his real friends) and they gave me the 4th degree and started trying to make me speak in hyperbole. Finally I kicked everyone out of the house.

Next dream, I was at a house which I guess was mine. Same house as before. Fucking Arthur, (yeah, I’m calling you out by name) breaks through my front door and comes into my room (which is the room I live in now) and he says, “where do you keep the drugs?” He looked horrible. His eyes were sunken in, and he was like 100 lbs. And I told him, “I don’t have any drugs, you need to get the fuck out of my house. ” then he goes, “fatty, why are you treating me like this, you know I’m struggling, please just give me the drugs” and I told him, “Artie, I don’t have any drugs, you really need to go home” (I guess this was based in the fact that Artie’s house was down the street which is true irl back home) . I walked him to my front door which I now noticed that he busted straight through and I said, “Artie, I don’t ever want to see you again. Especially if you’re still doing this. You need to get help.” And end of dream.

That was one of the first times I had non alcoholic sleep and my dreams were very vivid and I remembered everything.

Not sure why these men are showing up, definitely haven’t thought about Artie in a very long time, and the other one I talked about yesterday so maybe that’s why.

I do like the vivid dreams as long as no one is getting hurt in them.