I’m not shy, i’m just not brave.
leave it to me to watch extraordinary walk away
without ever fucking saying anything.

Fear is an instrument.
An unfortunate event that
rules all my actions and steps.
My mind is distorted with poor outcomes and their concequence,
these figments are obstructions that close off the thoughts from my head.

I’m not shy. I’m just nervous.
The anti-social extrovert’s biggest focus. [shoutout to Kendrick]
My pen is were my heart lives,
communicating in metaphors, and futile devices,
I’d be beautiful if i could get to you through my writing and…

It’s better than fighting,
and editing hopes in my head.
Just to leave the words unspoken
and put it down so perfect
that you could undersfand what I’m feeling,
and know that I’m certain.

i’ll never have the right answer,
or the confidence to break through my constructed barriers,
i’m just praying that you tell me all of those things i need to hear.

I’m not shy, I’m just learning
that you dont get anything before you earn it.
outward appearance doesn’t really serve much of a purpose
but drawing me into these figments,
my imagination.