I’m the kind of person that would take anything sus as a betrayal. You go behind my back, and start spewing bullshit… you’ve betrayed me. Once you’ve done this, it’s very difficult to get back on my good side.

I swear I’m trying to be better about this… but there’s just something in my soul that appreciates loyalty.

So this obese bitch that moved into the apartment was at first co-livable. Fine, whatever, she complained sometimes, but it wasn’t very pronounced.

Now, she uses the group chat to complain every fucking two days about something. Yesterday, she says that the gas was left on on the stove… since I wouldn’t touch a stove with a ten–foot pole, this must’ve been triggered by accident. We talked about it and it was settled. She still then went and called the landlord to tell him.

Your fat ass is done in my book. I don’t like the apartment anyway… I can’t frolic like I want to there. It’s cheap, but I cannot deal with the annoying characters that dwell in there.

So, I took myself out of the group chat for fear I will knock the shit out of someone and earn an assault charge, then in my passive aggressive nature, I posted a sticky note on the thermostat and light by her room reminding her to shut them off since she left one on the stove. Lmfao.

My lease is up in a few months, I just need to get through finals and I will be ok.

P.s. I’m listening to “Ghosts N Stuff” really loud in my bedroom. Take that!