Looks can be deceiving

I can admit that I really don’t know shit.

I don’t know what’s in another person’s mind, and I jump to the most extreme conclusion.

This is something that will surely get me in trouble one day. In my old age, I’ve learned to hide it. Even though I’m feeling some type of way, I’m not going to jump down his throat. I guess this feeling will cease as long as I get to know him better.

I really enjoy being around him. I look forward to seeing him again. We’ve been hanging out for a month now and it’s been going smooth.

Though he has that “annoying attribute” of considering the feelings of others over his own, that quality just shows that he’s a good person. I don’t usually get this lucky, so I will obviously have my catastrophic thoughts in the back of my head.

Anyway, I get to see his ass tomorrow. We’re gonna get lunch/dinner then watch John Wick or Preacher.

I really like how he always wants to incorporate a date, like I’m not just a body; I’m not just a piece of ass. He can actually see my mind. He likes it. This is quite different from the guys in my past….

Idk, I’m really scared of fucking this up. I really don’t want to do anything to mess this up. I feel like eventually, I will fuck it up. I just need to be myself, like I have… and have a little more patience, which I’m learning to have.

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