So the other day, he sends me a test saying how anxious he was about this…

This was coming out of nowhere, so I asked him if he wanted to stop…

he asks me how I feel about things and I said that I really like him and I enjoy spending time with him. And he says he likes me to and he would loathe for this to end.

I asked, what the fuck do you want to do then? and he says, “can I think about it?” So I automatically thought that he just wanted to end things and let me down gently, so I told him that he knew what he wanted to do, he just had to tell me and ignore what my feelings are.

He said no, he would like to see where this goes… and I said are you sure, and he goes I’m not sure when I’ll have my next panic attack… blah blah blah.

So I said, fuck it then. Let’s stop. He says alright. Then I said idk what I did, what is wrong with me? Tell the truth…

He says, “Nothing you’re fucking awesome”

Then we went back and fourth and he goes… wait… I thought you wanted me to walk away…

Then we realized that we miscommunicated.

He said so many sweet things. I really feel he’s understanding more what this all is.

He wants to take me out of a “low key” date this Saturday. So Saturday night (s) will be our date night(s).

I am totally enjoying this with him right now. I hope he doesn’t run away. I’ve enjoyed these past few weeks.)

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