When You Blame Your Failures on Everyone Else.

It’s difficult for me to navigate through all these young people.

It’s awkward, like I need to wear a sign saying “I’m 30 years old”

I’m always mistaken for a teenager…

This, in retrospect, may be a blessing… but not when I’m trying to hook up with a PhD. physicist.

Lol I know I’ll never be taken seriously as a pre-BSC. Probably not even in my first year of grad school.

I just want to be looked at as the intelligence I have now.

Unfortunately, I can’t look at others with the same set of eyes.

There’s this guy that’s a year older than me in my physics class. He tried to make a move and I cut that down right away. The reason why I did this is because I don’t find this guy to be attractive or smart.

He’s an engineering major that cannot pass calculus 1. A fucking 5th grades could pass calculus 1. He also likes to blame all of his failures on the institution, and a big conspiracy solely focused on him and him alone. Lmfao. Sure, the school is trying to bring you down by giving only you bad grades in every class… but a black girl like me, who in all intents and purposes should be the subject of this “fail you” conspiracy, can lift off with a 3.77 GPA.

He says that he studied for our physics exam, an exam that him and 14 others in our physics class (including me) saw a copy of and got to study a week before we took the exam. He got a 29/80. I got a 62/80. When we studied together (having one of the hot physics grads as our tutor), he watched me while I worked out the problems and he had all of the solutions right in front of him. He never once worked out the problems without looking at the solution. THATS NOT A GOOD WAY TO STUDY!!! This guy cannot even do a simple math problem.

Then he complains that the engineering dept is wrongfully trying to get him to change his major… maybe there’s a real reason.

A solid knowledge of integrals is a requirement of This physics class… this motherfucker can’t even calculate a derivative. What do you expect?

Not to meantion, physically, dude is not attractive. And his voice annoys the living shit out of me. It’s like a 13 year old boy who just got their first dose of testosterone shooting through their balls. Horrible.

I’m not the smartest person in the world, but I’m not forcing myself through a major that I’m not able to do the basics of.

As a chemistry major, yeah, I need calc 2 (which I’m taking now, and doing alright in), I need physics (as a credit but not to do Chemistry).

In engineering, you need a shit load of math. You really need to be mathematically inclined which this dude definitely is not. At all. Lol

But of course, this is not his fault, but the schools. And mother fucker wants to know why I don’t want to hang out with him.

People need to wake up and smell the ganja.

He told me a story of having his ideas stolen by someone or some company. Instead of trying to upgrade his situation, he now is paranoid to the point of annoyance.

I was discussing my crush on the sexy grad man and he told me that he bought that the physics dept infiltrated his phone and it was not actually me texting him. Hmmmm… did you not want to believe that I wasn’t that into you?

I told him that maybe his ideas wouldn’t get stolen if he tried to get some clout. If you have no diplomas in your field, but you wanna be taken seriously, you’re headed in a rude awakening. Of course instead of blaming yourself and making changes, you’ll only blame the system. Loser’s mentality.

When you blame your failures on everyone else, you’ll always be disappointed. If you don’t make changes, you’ll always stay the same and continue having the same failures. Blame yourself.

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