Why Chemistry?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot… why did I choose Chemistry as my major…

I’ve been successful in every class I’ve taken so far, but I chose chemistry because it came a little more naturally to me than the other subjects, though it also challenged the shit out of me.

The more chem classes I took, the more I yearned to take. Crazy, right?

The concepts of chemistry just make sense to me. Be it gas laws, or intermolecular forces or classification of molecules based on structure, all those things are explained by concepts that just make sense to me.

I don’t know why I’m so drawn to Chemistry. It’s challenging and also easy to problem solve. The more I learn, the more I can think of more questions. I just love my field.

I hope to learn everything there is… and soon be able to answer the questions I have through research.

I don’t know why I like Chemistry so much… but I do know that it is the subject I was meant to study, and it is going to help me do my life’s work.

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