So as I stated in previous posts, I will be moving up to Albany for the next year…

I say “for the next year” because I already feel that I will transfer once my lease is up.

Educationally, I hope I’m making the correct choice. After a practically perfect 2 years at Dutchess, I fear that I will not have classmates as goal-oriented and as focused as I am.

I’ve been speaking to lots of incoming and past transfer students, some in my major, and they just don’t seem very encouraging.

People trying to scare me with organic chemistry, physics, and calculus horror stories. The three classes I will be starting this semester. These same people on academic probation trying to tell me how I should be scared.

I know these courses aren’t going to be a walk in the park (which is why I outlined the first 7 chapters of organic, and already taught myself derivatives), but being a supportive classmate instead of being a 100% Debby downer is not the type of shit I want to be around.

I see this as obviously people who aren’t as educationally focused as I am. With no good tips on the actual course itself except “it’s all hard”, “people with the best grades fail this class”, “I don’t do extra credit because failure is a part of success” is just the craziest things I’ve ever heard.

I can see myself just hanging out with myself for the year especially if I don’t get into a lab group! But we’ll see. I’ll reserve my judgement for now.

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