I’m really feeling some type of way…

With all the offers I get for tango, I just can’t bring myself to fuck a man with a retail career; it’s because our wavelengths will never cross; it could be because I always feel people in that situation are completely comfortable in it and don’t have any goals to achieve more.

So when you do offer, or try, I just can’t bare to allow you to get this pretty thing. You don’t deserve it.

Now on that note, we’re coming up on week 5 of my summer research. I’m the oldest bitch there, but I swear I look younger than the youngest person there, who is 17.

I still don’t think anyone realizes the age difference. I told everyone from my lab group on the first day, but honestly, I don’t think anyone remembers.

I’m horny as all hell, and yeah, I got my eye on one. Obviously younger, but I don’t have any expectations on what the summer brings. I can tell there’s heat packin’, and my curiosity is killing ya girl.

I get some cues from said person, but in an environment like this, I gotta keep it cool. Let’s say this attraction is mutual, I can’t see how homeboy could even act on it. I don’t think he would.

So now, do I risk absolute rejection? Or do I attempt to gently flirt and see what happens next…

What is gentle flirting though? Wanna go on a walk and talk about science? Mehhh. I don’t even know… I’m sure I’ll come up with something. At least I’ll try to try if I get the opportunity. If not, I’m attempting something in Albany.


I forgot to mention that I intend to transfer before the end of the summer. I was accepted to all the schools I applied to so far, and I recently just put In a few more applications for good measure. Hopefully I’m able to figure all this out before the middle of July.

I want to hook up with someone with similar goals and plans that I have. Maybe in a related curriculum, and who is striving hard to achieve their diploma.

One thing I absolutely know is… I refuse to give it up to any nigga that doesn’t have a clear plan for greatness. And once again, since the pickings are so scattered in the white (mainly Irish) community, none of you niggas are getting shit!

Tired of the lack of width, pencil like, equipment.

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