I can’t wait explain why it’s so hard for people to realize that if you don’t put in extra work, you will most likely not get an A.

If you think you can get an A by doing the least amount of work possible, you’re fooling yourself.

I say this because in my chemistry class, I work with two ladies most of the time. The one lady is older, so her shortcomings are understandable. Then we have a younger girl, fresh out of high school in her second college semester. I guess her last semester gave her the idea that she can skate by doing the least amount of work outside of school.

Before every chemistry lab, we have to read the lab and copy the steps of the lab down in our notebooks and do prelab questions. Every morning before lab, this girl is doing these things, starting the lab report the night before it’s due, and not doing it correctly at all.

This is who I get stuck with as a lab partner.

So we just had an exam in Chemistry, and the day before the exam, we were studying for a lab exam we were going to have for Bio which was the day after the Chem exam. This girl acted like she understood the material for the Chemistry exam. I gave her a quick quiz, and she seemed to understand. (The problem in Chemistry, actually all of the sciences, is that you can’t memorize the theory. You have to understand it.) I guess she memorized the shit because she ended up with an undesired grade on the exam.

Like what do you expect? When doing the budget for your non academic club is more important to you than getting your school shit together.

And she wonders why I get so frustrated with her. Like my problem with her is she does not have a good work ethic at all, and I really don’t want that to rub off on me.

She tells me that I’m too much of a perfectionist. Like bitch, I want an A. I’m not willing to settle for anything less because I know I can achieve an A.

You can’t teach work ethic. That’s something innate, and if you’re a lazy fuck who’s not willing to work harder, you will fizzle out really quick.

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