Pure Fucking Africa : The Last Time

I’m a very smart girl, but lately Ive been allowing a lot of dumb shit to happen.

I’ll see something I want and let it pass right the fuck by… it might be absolutely inappropriate when you’re ranked there, and I’m just here. 

Just to be able to really pick your brain without any of those fucking restraints. I know you can keep me interested, since you’ve been doing it for an hour and a quarter past. 

The problem is that I’m not having sex with you; the problem is that sex is made better when my fucking partner is intelligent.

 It’s not that good when i’m having regular casual sex with this dude, and although you are good looking and have the D like woah, you can’t use it BECAUSE YOU CANT LAST FOR LOBGER THAN 20 FUCKING MINUTES.

Happy Birthday, that’s it.

I’m gonna try and be professional, but a year and three months is long. I have to wait. I have to try? 

Watch me wait this whole time, not say a damn thing, allow this to build until I go fucking crazy, just for him to be already taken. 

Kill me.

Pure Africa can’t handle me. You have to be in shape to slay the kitty, and he’s just a little out of shape, and gets so close, but can’t. 

“I didn’t think I was gonna cum”, MOTHER FUCKER, you CUM EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME.

For the past 6 months, I haven’t came once unless I made myself. These niggas are so fucking wack.

******, are you different?