If Young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gonna shoot you.

Butterflies are a social construct.Ain’t nobody feelin’ no mother fucking butterflies. I’ll say, “butterflies” is infatuation telling your stomach to stop being a dumbass. So my lack of butterflies and aloof demeanor is totally a good thing.

What is being  aloof when there’s a structure all around you telling you what to do? It’s like I’ve been practicing my lack of surprise or action for a long time, so just standing there is just me excuting the shit that I’ve learned.

I’m conditioned to see you and not get excited, but get all excited in my brain and say dumb shit or random shit or nothing at all. I’m conditioned to not be able to think clearly, and look at you like THAT NIGGA. 

I feel like a fucking rat in a cage,
like a bitch that’s car sick
with cabin fever tryna break outta that space.
but i’m patient, i’ll wait.
Though not acting on it could keep me in a futile race
where the real test is the time I’ll
There’s really nothing I can do,
but count to tenth letter.

The Kicker!

If I was brave,
I’d dump all this abstract shit.
I would let you know what i am thinking
believing, feeling, all those perceptive things.
I would act like i could feel something,
which i totally do, if its mutual.
If i was brave, i’d start killing my defenses,
and stop planning my own funeral;
I swear You’d keep your position
the day i fucking ever say something.