The Day of the Week

Today, after a long, drawn out conversation,  I realized that I am a hypocrite. 

I’m a hypocrite because in this conversation, this person was telling me all I wanted to hear, “I’m the kind of man that just views you for what’s between your ears, not what’s between your legs”. However, I just couldn’t give him the same consideration. It could be because our minds don’t align, or maybe I just don’t find him attractive, but if I want to be viewed a certain way, maybe the problem is that I’m not giving people the same respect.

I mean, I’ve never said I was the most open minded. I am highly opinionated. I do have all this bullshit criteria. And that’s the fight I have with myself: keep an open mind, or have incredibly high standards (that only keep me happy on hump day).

Pure Fucking Africa 

I have no idea what his “break” was all about. Whenever either one of us wanted a break, we just said that we couldn’t. Or as I did, just ignore his texts. 

Idk why he made it a deal, so now I’m a little sketched out. It may be a girl, which I would really feel awful about. He’s a momma’s boy, and he hangs out In Lakeside  a lot. 
He continued to text me during the “break” about weed or something which was normal, until the other day he snapped me saying sour diesel with a picture of him. I was hiping that maybe only girls were seeing this shit. Lol idk.

Then yesterday, I got some weed from him and he gave me a lot of weed for $20. While he’s trying to explain why he gave me so much MORE weed than usual, he said “cause I know how these dudes are. They don’t give you a good amount.” Whatever, I wasn’t listening, I just wanted to get the fuck up oUlta there because I have nuggets of weed chilling in my cup holder.

Then, he hit me up later on. Seriously… two weeks?

Of course, I have my period, but I think I may continue to ignore him. Depends on how I feel. I hope he’s been practicing during this “break”.


I know that I should say no, but he’s been obviously waiting. I can ignore him after,