Black Man V

During halftime we met, and he looked really nice. We got naked, and it happened. Omg, we did doggy style throughout, I usually choose the positions, most of the time I’m on top, until I get tired of course. He was vocal, as usual. At one point he exclaimed: YOU GOT THAT GOOD PUSSY. (Yeah nigga, I know). He would call out about the tightness, and he was basically on the edge after I came.

He didn’t use a condom this time, which is not really our routine. He came, and I felt it on my back. Then he went back in and came again on my back of course. And then he did it one more time, and was like, “yeah, I’m finished”.

I made it back with 9:33 left in the third. Good money.
I really believe that he hasn’t had the good good as good as me. Just based on the times that we’ve hooked up, I’ve been grading his paper. The first time, he just got me out of an unsatisfactory feeling I was feeling fucking with some college dudes. He lasted long that time… longish, like 45 mins. The past other times before last night, he couldn’t make it past 15 mins. And these are with and without protection.

Last night, I knew that if I was going to continue with this, he would have to do some super human shit. So I knew when he was going, he got to a point where he was close, and I took him out and said, “Not yet”.

That’s when he slowed down a little. He froze, said sorry I’m trying not to cum, and I said nothing and put his cock in my mouth.

He went a little longer, but his secret was supposedly slapping his dick up against my ass. Slapping my fucking ass off.

I understand what I do to him, and that in itself I find really sexy. Plus, he’s been working out and looks all kinds of sexy.

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