Ages 18-24

Should really be off limits to case studies unless one sees something dynamic due to their age.

But I see a similar thing to 18-24 year olds in life development. You don’t really fully mature until you’re 25. I know the brain is also done growing and developing at this time.

But it’s true for me, and I’ve seen this example.

At age 25, you’re still not complete, but who you are and will be forever is there. You just gotta find the pieces to keep it together.

I was 26 when I knew what I wanted. I’m not the same person now that I was even 2 years ago back then.  Growth is a crazy concept.


Many want a different prefix.
From Mr. to Ms.
From Ms. to Mr.
From Ms. to Mrs.
From Mrs. to The former Mrs…
widow, or divorcee.
I just want Dr.


Algebra I

I’ve already taught myself a little of algebra II that reviewing algebra I seemed silly to me. But I wanted to make sure I knew wtf I was doing.

I’mma tutor algebra I, and I’ll make it look sexy.