Inner Psychiatrist #1

I don’t mean to be a psychiatrist all the time, but working with an array of people with different criteria for different things makes me use that part of my brain.

Low self esteem, or self esteem in general, is a construct. It may not look the same to everyone. This is an individual feeling that I cannot fully judge. However, ones relationships and navagation of these relationships can give the inner psychiatrist a cause to being analyzing.

Mary. I work with Mary, and it’s becoming super easy to analyze Mary. My inner psychiatrist wants to give Mary advice that will help her not be so much a B as she is, but take all the positive qualities of an A.

Mary had a small sexual relationship with one of our coworkers. In this time, Mary hooked her wagon upon this coworker we will call, Joseph. So Mary, with her uber noticeable dental issues, started “dating” Joseph. Mary has a child and a baby father whom she supposedly spent a lot of time with. Her time spent with her former flame supposedly caused Joseph to ask for “space”, and subsequently impregnate his newest fling, who is early in her pregnancy. 

Now Mary understands this, but ever since their brake up, she speaks Joseph’s name and chance she would get.

To “check both their temperatures”, I asked Joseph how his new fling is. He said they were alright, kinda lacklusterly, and then I diagnosed him with a mental 98.7 degree temp. Mary’s in the 102s. 

I straight out told Mary that she should not be so worried about Joseph, just act as if he isn’t there, you’ve both moved on by now, don’t worry about one another. 

Well I tried, my inner psychiatrist is still a little rusty. 

I think Mary’s physical decay weighs on her emotional, and some times her cognition and learning. If she saw that she was a number two for her child’s father, maybe she would fix up and look for someone new, not stay with the old thing that uses you and leaves. 

It’s not really healthy.