My Mathematical Minor.

It’s weird, but believe it; high school is almost 94% different than college.

As a high school student (who never used her potential), I leaned toward writing, and history. As I’ve entered college, for real this time (I believe I may be a forever student), I realized that I don’t really like my writing held to a standard. I don’t write for that specific reason, and I don’t like memorizing dates and times, but that is what I have to do in college in these subjects.

I realized that my strengths are in applying g the principles that I have learned, which is basically what science and math are. In talking to other students, I see they don’t retain anything they have learned because they’re really just cramming these things to pass a test.

Not only in my math and science, but in every subject, I try to relate everything I am learning to a portion of my life, sometimes to explain human nature, or to explain nature on its own.  Intellectually, everything becomes crystal clear when I do this, and I almost always get an A when I do this. 

I’ve completely regimented my future. Built all my schedules for the future, realized what I will major in for my 4-year and wtf I have to do to get there successfully. 

I set the bar high for myself, and this is seen as a negative. I see it as an impossibility that I can prove do-able if I just push myself a little harder. 

I really want to prove everyone wrong. Yes, I stumbled on my way to self actualization, and I will fall and possibly break something on my way, but I will do my absolute best working through it.