Reading Body Language.

I’m not the one that puts another in the “friend zone”.

Usually, how a relationship is labeled, to me, is based on body language. You’re going to think I’m weird, but this is ALL psychological.

If someone is disinterested in you, or what you’re saying, their shoulders and toes will face away from you. If someone is into you, they will completely face towards you.  

Eye contact is a weird one to read, personally I try to keep full eye contact with everyone, but I notice that when I’m nervous, I’ll look away, look down, or wait for the other person to look away. 

However, I’ll keep eye contact if I feel comfortable and fully engaged. Not saying that I’m not engaged when I don’t make eye contact l, but I’m nervous.

The mimicking of body motions is a huge cue that someone is feeling you. Like if you’re sitting straight, and you sit back, the person (who supposedly feels you) will also sit back. This one is one I do purposely to check a niggas temperature.

Obviously reading body language is a pseudoscience, and it’s really based on who you’re reading. It can’t be empirically proven that this mother fucker is feeling you, you gotta work that out on your own.

So when someone is placed in the friends zone, for me, it’s because you seemed disinterested, if I was ever interested in the first place.

Gender is a Social Construction

Gender is a social construction, so is race, etc.

Of course we have fundamentalist-minded people in our society, who see society in an “idealized past” sort of way.

Guess what, women are allowed to fuck who they want, have as many partners as they want, feel good, and make a life for themselves…without a man if they choose. 

I know personally, I need a man for one thing.

It’s crazy that people really see things this way, and fortunately they won’t do well in the work force.

I mean, seriously, you can’t even look a person dead in the eye, how are they supposed to hire you. I’m sure they can look past your awkward gait, and maybe they may look past your lack of eye gaze, but that’s where your personality comes in. 

If you’re living in a “make America great again” imagination, you’re stuck in a past that will only have you fighting for it. But what really are you fighting for? Masogeny is hella looked down upon, and you might be able to find one retard that will go with your dumbassery, but the rest of the world will shun you.

Let me, and my 3.96 GPA shut the fuck up now, cause I’m obviously not good at anything (or maybe I’m just good at everything I set my mind on). /getatme