Being successful in school takes more than just being smart.

To be successful in school, one must live by a certain standard. For me, I see a C like getting an F. Similarly, I see a B like a C, barely scraping bottom.

If you set your standards low, you won’t achieve the grades you want.

Also, getting good grades in the first month of class is crucial. If you’re getting A’s in the first part of the semester, finals will be a breeze because you’ll either need a low enough grade to still pass with an A, or you’ll be so knowledgeable in the subject that based on your teachers grading standards, you wouldn’t even need to take the final.

In my 4.0 semester last fall, this was my plan. I was exempt from my chemistry final, I needed a 40 on my statistics final to pass with an A, and my social problems final was so simple since I aced every single exam.

This last semester, my teacher dropped the lowest grade, which could’ve been the final. So I averaged a 93.75 on my exams, and I didn’t have to take the final.

Always do extra credit. Extra credit is a blessing from your instructor. Take advantage of any extra credit you can. Even if you’re not 100% sure you know the answer, you can’t lose any points for trying. My average in statistics was 104.3% because anytime my teacher offered an extra credit, I took advantage.

School is not very difficult, but it takes planning. I schedule all of my studying, and tutoring to ensure that I’m studying each subject 4-6 hours a week. 

Tutoring is another thing! I hate when I hear someone with a B average claim that they don’t need tutoring. Tutoring is free at DCC, and even with an A, I believe we all need tutoring.