The Harlot Part II

Dear Mr. “Odds are against me, but I will still try”,

I’m not the type of person that changes her mind, gives niggas the benefit of the doubt, gives a person a “chance”, in a romantic sense.
Yes maybe, I may make snap decisions; my first impression is something long standing, that should be a red flag to you.
Either way, why would I automatically change my mind? Did anything change in you to turn me 180? Or maybe you believe I changed.
This has become a cliche, so maybe I shouldn’t say it… but who I am, will never change. My thoughts and feelings have changed through time, but I’m not at that point yet.
If you don’t sparkle, or have 3 out of the 3 features I’m gunning for, just quit. It’s a waste of yours, and my time.

Mega sincerely,
Fatima K. Gaye

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