The Harlot Part II

Dear Mr. “Odds are against me, but I will still try”,

I’m not the type of person that changes her mind, gives niggas the benefit of the doubt, gives a person a “chance”, in a romantic sense.
Yes maybe, I may make snap decisions; my first impression is something long standing, that should be a red flag to you.
Either way, why would I automatically change my mind? Did anything change in you to turn me 180? Or maybe you believe I changed.
This has become a cliche, so maybe I shouldn’t say it… but who I am, will never change. My thoughts and feelings have changed through time, but I’m not at that point yet.
If you don’t sparkle, or have 3 out of the 3 features I’m gunning for, just quit. It’s a waste of yours, and my time.

Mega sincerely,
Fatima K. Gaye

We all know who my dream guy is right now. I’ve made it blatently obvious to everyone but him. Now I’m stuck going out to soho with an engineering nerd on Monday.

I can’t judge. He seems like a good guy, but he’s not the one I’d rather spend my day with. 

When a nigga is teaching other niggas how to reason, maybe he gets my metaphors. I don’t think anyone really gets my metaphors and that’s why I continue to write when I’m bored.

Chem nerd + engineering nerd does not equal good luck. 

A hot sexy black grown-up (with experience) + me = sexual gold. I just want that sexual gold. Maybe he’ll catch me in the spring. Who knows?

Monica Lewinski

Maybe it’s the authority…,
or maybe it’s the brilliance i see through you, learned through you, found in you.
Or maybe it’s the confort i feel.
Being around someone of your stature,
being able to be cool when i should be nervous,
not saying i’m not nervous when I’m around you,
it’s not intimidating.
My heart just jumps,
and i say the stupidest shit.