Mary Kay Lateaurno

It’s a feeling when you whizz by,
that i know is inappropriate.
is it really that bad that i cant help it?
what i know is in you, i see a man among men,
no one ever measures up to the colassal standard you have set for them.
Day by day, i think of ways i can sneak into your heart.


Please will you FUCK. THE. LIVING. SHIT. OUT. OF. ME.

It’s been a year since I’ve had the pleasure of coming into your aura. And no, it’s not the authority. It’s you. Yes, I may come in your presence again. Would I want that to be in a professional sense? I’d hope not.

About a year and three months left before I can try. Maybe you’re way out of my league, but I want to fuck the fuck out this nigga. Deadassss.

This ain’t no Mary Kay Laturneo; we’re of age and want something extra curricular.

You’re too good for me. But what would I think if I didn’t try.