Taking about dreaming of you,
when all it is is imagined.
Putting my future in jeopardy,
even though it probably wont happen.
A risk is only risky if you get caught.
if you’re smart, you’ll Keep it quiet
and we’ll act like nothing ever took place.

Soon, I will know where I stand. Those two B’s are killing ya girl right now. 

Being at a 4.0 is really nerve racking. I don’t want to tarnish it.m, but I know practically, it will not stay. I want at least a 3.75 this semester. That will require that one of those B’s bump to an A-.

I feel as if I use everything I learned this semester in some aspect of my life. My math skills have gotten nasty! I’ve even taught myself Algebra II. I love psychology! And I will be taking developmental psych next semester. WFE, or wellness and fitness, is a class that I need to graduate with my AS. 

I know it’s just an associates, but I want to do the best that I can. If I’m not doing my best, I feel like a failure. I can get an A in everything, I proved that by taking 16 credits my first semester and Aceing everything. I have a habit of being pessimistic. 

I don’t want to be let down if both my B’s stay B’s. But I hope I brought them both up. I know before the final in sociology, I had an A-. 

Supposedly, the grades will be posted on Thursday. I’ll be shitting bricks.

Wednesday, I get awarded my scholarship. I’m hyped.