Blowing Minds

Ok, so I’d rather have brutal honesty than be lied to. Even if that honesty hurts, that’s what we have defense mechanisms for, right Freud?

So lately I’ve noticed that I’m kind of blunt… ok not lately, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten more and more blunt… this is because when I told a nigga, “please don’t lie to me. I really won’t be mad. Just tell the truth”, I still get lied to. Even worse. So now, I feel I need to just say how I feel no matter what your feelings are because you probably don’t care anyway.

When it’s a joke, it’s obvious. When I’m serious I’m usually not laughing. If I tell you you suck in bed, or don’t measure to my enormous “standards”, you better believe that that’s my truth. However, if I make fun of your outfit, that’s obviously a joke.
I’m 4’11 3/4″, that’s not intimidating. What’s in the top part, my head, that should scare you.

I Plan On Never Waking Up

If I could love, I’d love you.
because you’re that forbidden fruit
that always slips away,
and causes one to settle
for something less than second best.
Maybe I’m confused,
and really cant make a committed decision,
for now i can dream,
but one day if I could,
I’d wake up with you.

Jizz Volcano

So is it bad that this whole year I’ve wanted your fucking dick? Like at first, I thought it was the authority, or whatever, but I think our similarities maybe can BURST INTO A BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAIN OF YOUR JIZZ….

There is a huge problem, however… you work there. This is your career and I respect that, I respect you, I respect myself to know that I’d only be imagining something other than you being a supportive “mentor type”. 

Then I think that maybe I should wait. I’ll only have to be what I am for another 2 years.

At most….

when that’s done, let’s bone.