Blacks on One Side, Whites on The Other, Like you’ve always wanted.

Why is it that when a black person steps up and complains about the injustices they go through because of their race, they are seen as race baiters and complainers…

Now even black folks look at each other, example Fat ass Charles Barkley, as a person just pulling the race card, causing trouble, etc.

Sociologically speaking, do you not understand what is going on here? To keep “white status quo”, white people have even infiltrated the minds of black people. We are to assimilate and try and be like them for as much as we can. Like this fag, whom i regrettably dated for a combination of 4 months ( ai’m glad he’s blogging, it’s healthy. But he is the reason why I can’t even see a white man as sexy. They’re disgusting.

The European standard of beauty, purse dogs, and other bullshit… I can’t understand why blacks in this country can’t create their own lane. I know it’s difficult; the dominant culture wants to suppress and oppress any power the lower class have.

It will take years for this to change, but it needs to start now.

V. Stiviano

Don’t have feelings;
because feelings lead to indifference,
and getting let down again.
It’s hard not to have feelings
when there are so many fish
in the sea that are attracted to you.

Having way too many expectations,
just to go backwards.
Perfection is an idealized construct.
Someday i’ll wake up.

I want to dedicate this
to an old friend who felt something
that wasn’t mutually there.
Instead it ruined everything,
but im not going to extend a fallacy
just to keep you happy.
someday he will wake up.