I can’t understand the male brain. I’m going to try tho… ok, so I talked about short stature guy who can’t hold a nut, and how he told me not to talk to him about anything but school.

So I decided not to talk to anyone that bitchmade at all. He’s kind of a faggot. So he continues to try and have conversations with me, and I just cant. 

Last time I had sex with my lovely black man, I made a mistake and stuck his raw cock into my vagina. He didn’t like that, and he confronted me. Like I didn’t get mad and start telling him to not talk to me again. But it could’ve been the way that I put it. How else can one put it? I didn’t really tell him how underwhelming the experience was, but I did down play it. Like it wasn’t on the level to put it in the same conversation as my other relationships because we only fucked for two minutes. 

Lmao. Idk when I think of what happened, I start dying laughing on the inside. I can’t even.

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