I Slept With A Black Man Last Night

My sex life has been rather busy, along with Artie desperate for punanny.

Basically I want a hierarchy:

I want a primary regular guy who I can fuck all the time, when ever I want.

And secondaries… who are just the rando’s ive been fucking now.

Obviously my first primary would be Artie.

Then on top of the rest has to be the black guy, but when we were fucking last night, he kept saying “now your fucking wit a real nigga”, which I don’t mind if you’re nailing me with a fucking 8-9 inch penis. I couldn’t even throat it, though I tried. 

Because I don’t usually have sex with black men, that felt way more natural. My body was made to be able to take that size of man.  He used a magnum condom. It was well deserved. That dick was monsterous. 

Half way between, he wanted to take it off. I’m not sure why that’s a thing lately.  Well I was sucking his fat dong in the middle, and then he said, I wanna fuck you again. I guess then there wasn’t a choice, if you only use one condom during a sexual encounter, you’re an idiot. Condoms get dry and you have to switch them out, that’s why you get them in a pack of three.

Anyway, we were there for about an hour, kinda reminded me of the good sex I used to have, not a short mother fucker pumping all he has and losing, not a mother fucker on drugs with a cock that can’t even stay hard, not a fucking skinny mother fucker that is awkward in the way he moves.

Like this guy was a sexual match, for sure. I can’t really take it any farther than that.  But I feel satisfied, for once. I don’t need to really have sex for another week.

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