Lmfao. This one is incredibly funny, even for my gigantic standards…

So I was invited over to do some educational shit, or that was the premise anyway. We ended up eating dinner and having sex.

This guy Is obviously not one I would’ve went out with in real life, but he was nice. He looked a lot better when he was sitting down and I couldn’t tell how much taller I am than him. (I’m 4’11 3/4″ tall, I’m at least an inch to an inch and a half taller than this guy)

So whatever, I can’t say anything before I try so I did it. Like omg, this dude couldn’t handle his shit. He was trying to go so hard and he just couldn’t hold a nut for longer than a few pumps. It was pretty bad actually.

But there is a sort of convenience in having him, I could stay at his house instead of driving home after school, and take naps there when I feel tired. 

But I can understand why a girl would not want to wife that nigga up. He’s a great, open hearted, polite, and kind guy… but his physical and sexual performance is not good. His physical could be bad, (he cant really change it, so yeah live with it) and his sex be better… but he needs to learn to at least last 15 mins. That 2 second shit is kinda wack. And lmfao… idk.

So yeah, idk what to do. I kinda tried to be positive and think, hmmm maybe I can help him by guiding him, but now idk this might hurt his feelings. I told him he was my type, but that’s just his personality. His sexuality is not my type. Thus why I want non exclusive relationships. 

I may say something. Fuck, that nigga fucked me like a midget hobble. Lmfao.

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